General Information

  • I will post information on known issues to this page.
  • I would love to get your Feedback!
  • Docsets are not removed when you uninstall they are stored in %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Silverlake Software LLC\Velocity
  • Errors are automatically reported to me via


  • Fix for importing from old file format and adding new docsets with no icon.


  • Added support for Angular, Bootstrap 5, Java SE 11-15, Lua 5.4, and Ruby on Rails 6 from the Dash feed.
  • Uses a new, more reliable library format.
  • Support isJavaScriptEnabled docset option.
  • Fix bug with multiple proxy credential requests.
  • Better handling of file corruption in old library format when importing.
  • Fix to activate correctly when Velocity is minimized.
  • Update embedded version of Chromium.
  • Update various Dash provided icons.
  • Internal improvements and updates.


  • Added support for Java SE 10 from the Dash feed.
  • Fix for the CMake docset. The docset has some topic entries with null types. These entries will now appear under "Unspecified" in the docset.
  • Fix for handling UTF-8 characters in tar filenames. This impacted the Python docsets.
  • Update various Dash provided icons.
  • Internal improvements and updates.


  • Fix for docsets that updated on every check.
  • Fix for exception and improved handling for removing a docset while that docset is part of a keyword focused search.
  • Fix for a couple of reported UI cross thread exceptions.


  • Fix failure to install first docset.
  • Fix duplicate search index entries. Requires updating or reinstalling the docset.
  • Fix activity status.
  • Updated embedded version of Chromium. This fixes some flickering issues!
  • Introduce new user interface for Dash docsets feed.
  • Update various Dash provided icons.
  • Internal improvements.


  • Added support for OpenCV from Dash feed.
  • Update various Dash provided icons.
  • Internal improvements.


  • Taken down for a license install issue which is fixed in 1.1.11.


  • Added support for Java EE 8 and Java SE 9 from Dash feed.
  • Support docsets with duplicate plist keys (impacted Entitas docset).
  • Introduce new user interface for user contributed docsets feed.
  • Update various Dash provided icons.


  • Restore Velocity from a minimized window when activated with the hot key.
  • Fixed exception when pressing Ctrl+C in certain views.
  • Update various Dash provided icons.


  • Add Angular TS and Pug docsets.
  • Update various Dash provided icons.


  • Fixed crash when a modifier key is pressed in the Docset navigation view.
  • Fixed status bar appearance.
  • Fixed navigation issues that impacted the Ruby docset. Velocity will also rebuild the search index on the fist run.
  • Improved handling of closing while a background activity is in progress. Velocity will now wait and close automatically rather than refuse to close.
  • Fixed app closing for update while a background activity is in progress.
  • Updated third-party UI controls.


  • Fixed install issue in v1.1.4.
  • Updated for changes in the docset format that broke the Android docset. Velocity will also rebuild the search index on the fist run.
  • Attempt to use defult credentials for proxies with compatible authentication types. This should improve the experience with some NTLM based proxies.
  • Added Zend Framework 3 docset.
  • Fixed navigation issues that impacted the Electron docset.
  • Updated embedded version of Chromium. Windows Vista is no longer supported.
  • Updated third-party UI controls.


  • Taken down for install issue which is fixed in 1.1.5.


  • Change hot key to Win+Ctrl+V (original hotkey would not work on Windows 10).
  • Fix page load issues. This had a huge impact with Android and Xamarin docsets and in general page navigation speed should be improved.
  • Add Bootstrap 4, Groovy JDK, Lua 5.3, Ruby on Rails 5, and Xamarin docsets.
  • Fix searches with no keywords from plug-ins.


  • Bug fix for an exception to users in a time zone with a positive offset from UTC.


  • Added support for CouchDB, Jekyll, Jinja, Mocha, and VueJS in the Dash feed.
  • Added support for Craft, Matplotlib, Pandas, Processing, Susy, SailJS, and TypeScript in the Dash feed.
  • Improved algorithm for accessing Kapeli servers.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.


This release adds two big features that I think really improve Velocity. I hope you enjoy them.

  • Added find in page support, use Ctrl-F to begin and F3 to advance to the next.
  • HiDPI support! Velocity should now look much much better on HiDPI screens. This includes the content view and the interface. Per-monitor support is not available and is not planned at this time.
  • Update embedded version of Chromium.


  • Add user contributed docsets as a docset source.
  • Fix saving of docset order changes.
  • Added support for Docker, Doctrine ORM, Gradle DSL, Gradle Groovy, Gradle Java API, Gradle User Guide, Gulp, Handlebars, Ionic, Julia, Phalcon, Racket, React, and Semantic in the Dash feed.


  • Support providing username and password for proxy authentication!
  • Neat and Bourbon docsets are now retrieved from Kapeli.
  • Update embedded version of Chromium.


  • Added missing docset entry for Apache HTTP Server.
  • Updated Dash icon.
  • Added support for Ctrl-Backspace for deleting the previous word in the search box.
  • Removed MatLab docset listing at the request of MathWorks.


  • Emergency fix for docset installation exceptions. A change in the way docsets are packaged that should have not mattered unfortunately managed to find a gap in the implementation of untar that Velocity uses. This has been fixed. Unfortunately, this may cause you to be unable to start Velocity without an exception. If so, you will need to download the update manually from the home page. More improvements are coming in this area, but this release allows you to start with docset errors and will show the message "">>>Docset is broken!" for any docsets with a problem. These docsets must be removed and re-installed. The easiest way to do that is use the Add / Download view, click on Remove and then click on Add for the docset. You will see a message that the docset folder is not empty and you should select OK to continue.


  • Fixed some timing exceptions triggered by background add/remove activity when updating the UI. This is the #1 reported exception.
  • Fixed an exception caused by pressing Ctrl+F in the search results. Sorry there's no in-page find (yet), and this triggered something that should have been turned off.
  • Fixed handling of redirects on certain docset servers (i.e. Bourbon).


  • Announcing the first beta release of the Search in Velocity extension for Visual Studio.
  • Added missing docsets entries for CMake, RequireJS, SaltStack, and Tornado.
  • Added a virtual Swift entry like the iOS and Mac OS X entries that lets you know how to get docsets from XCode into Velocity.
  • The current search row is now reset to the top when the search text changes. This was especially annoying when searching from another application.
  • Fixed a bug causing an exception by caused by attempting to remove a just removed docset. Appeared to be triggered by rapid input.

Version 1.0 Announcement


  • Fixed an issue with SVG graphics not being displayed.



  • Automatic updates are here. If you have a lot of docsets installed this might create a lot of updating on the first run of the new version. After that, it checks once a day automatically and after the first round of updates it should be far more reasonable.
  • Improved feed checking to fallback to slower result. (Previously it would take the fastest result even if it failed which was not too smart.)


  • Fixed an exception on certain pages in the Xojo docset (those with a backslash in the URL).
  • Fixed an exception when using integration URLs and no docset with the first provided keyword is installed.
  • Less nagging when getting started.


  • When running a global hot key of Win+Ctrl+E will activate Velocity and focus the search box. (Not configurable for now.)
  • Keyboard shortcuts and tab order fixes everywhere.
  • The next update notification will include a button to open the release notes page.


  • Velocity now supports integration via the "dash://" and "dash-plugin://" URL schemes! (See the documentation or try it out dash://hello)
  • Like Dash, typing a keyword followed by a colon ':' will now filter docsets to those using that keyword. Keywords are visible on the Manage docsets view.
  • Typing during large searches (with many docsets) is now silky smooth.


  • Make installing a license as easy as opening it. Also, now you can actually buy a license!
  • Limit to one running instance at a time.


  • Fixes a few issues with docset compatibility which would cause missing pages - (TYPO3, Drupal, .NET Framework, XOJO, Zend Framework) or errors (Emacs Lisp). A docset will needed be removed and re-added to fix the problem.
  • Some docsets are 'virtual' and they have been removed from the list (Git - which uses man pages) or now display the correct message.
  • Fixes exception after installing two docsets with the same root name (i.e. Drupal 7 and 8). Because of the underlying problem the last installed docset can overwrite the previously installed docset. Running this version will fix the problem, but you will need to re-add the missing docset.


  • If Velocity finds a non-empty docset folder it will ask you if you want to delete it and continue rather than throwing an exception!
  • Version numbers of Dash docsets are now recorded for update checking. Update checking still to come.
  • Error messages and an option to retry for download errors for both docsets and Velocity updates.


  • Less naggy nag screen.